Yes, we cater and we'd love to do your event!

We are new to the business, so we are still working out all the details and are open to catering suggestions. Please let us know if you have feedback or additional questions about catering. We are very open to working with you to make your event happen.

Please look at our schedule for availability. We cannot cancel marked special events, but do have flexibility around our regular routes.

50% down payment in advance
We accept cash or credit card

Pricing Options
Additional costs for travel 20 miles+ outside core DT Seattle area.

Needed Accomodations
Vehicle Dimensions : 23.5' x 8.5' (un-hitched), 43.5' x 8.5'(hitched).
Hitched preferred, guaranteed parking for tow vehicle if un-hitched.
Height clearance: 12.5'
Electrical power (optional): 240V/50A or 120V/20A

How to Request
Send us an email to with the information below: