Q: What is a Japanese style hot dog?
A: It's an awesome hot dog, that uses German style bratwurst and sausages with a combination of high-quality Japanese toppings such as nori, furikake, shichimi, miso, etc...

Q: Nori, shichimi, furi..what?
A: Visit Wikipedia.

Q: What makes your hot dogs and truck special?
A: We source the best quality ingredients for our hot dogs. We proudly serve Bavarian Meats, who has been serving the NW for more than 40 years.

Q: I love your design, how did you come up with it?
A: We looked around all over to come up with a design that resonated with our concept. We were finally able to work with the talented Allison Torneros who also did the Nom Nom Truck and gave us this larger than life dino character which gives Tokyo Dog this great Tokyo pop-art type feel.

Q: Can I buy a t-shirt?
Yes, you can!

Q: Are you affiliated with the cart in DT Seattle?
A: No, we are a full-fledged food truck and don't have a cart.

Q: Can you come to our venue regularly for lunches?
A: Please do send us an email if you have recommendations for spots around Seattle to serve lunch. We are always looking for opportunities and would love to hear from you!